6 Great Blogging Tips for Your Small Business

Having trouble keeping up with your blog on your website? 

It can seem daunting, but blogging can drive traffic to your site and with great content, it can convert as well.  Here are a few tips that can help you shape your blogging strategy:

1 Be consistent – Pick a number – 6, 12, 4 – stick with it.  This would translate to a blog bi-monthly, monthly or quarterly.  If that is all you can manage – that is enough fresh content that you didn’t have the year before.  

2 Your topic should be something your customers want or need to know.

3 Your keywords should be the same ones your customers would use to find you

4 Share your blog posts on all your channels – email to subscribers, post to face book, and post the article directly in the article portion of your LinkedIn page.

5 Does your post have a call to action?  This can be a contact page, a coupon or a free download. 

6 Remember your blog should bring value to your audience – don’t focus on selling – focus on sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Need a some help? I offer blogging strategy sessions – so you can develop your blog according to your unique business needs.

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