Tips on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Blogs

Optimizing your blog posts can increase the traffic to your site and gain ranking on Google.  Blogging can also establish authority for your business and website by boosting your SEO because you are answering your customer’s inquiries within your content.  You are bringing value to them with your content and use on-page SEO strategies at the same time.

Here are some quick tips to optimize your blog content

  1. Who is your reader?  You need to write for them.  Gone are the days of stuffing as many keywords as possible into your content.  Select a few long tail keywords that your reader would be searching for from your business.  Long tail keywords can take the form of a question that your customer may have. 
  2. Make sure your headline includes a keyword, as well as in the first 60 characters of your title – this what will be what Google is going to use to decide if your post is relevant information or not
  3. Optimize your URL – this is what Google will use when they crawl your page
  4. Your blog and website need to be mobile friendly – “smartphone users in the US expected to reach of 270 million by 2022” – “72.7 percent smartphone penetration rate”
  5. Optimize your meta description and add blog excerpts
  6. Optimize the alt text in your images
  7. Link internally to other pages on your website and externally to references as appropriate

Most importantly, write what you know and are qualified to write about.  Keep the topics you use simple and rotate between them.  Think about the questions your customers and clients have when you have worked with them and expand this information into valuable content that they seek.  This will increase your Google E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness)

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