Using Quotes on Your Business Social Media

Using Quotes in Your Social Media Content Can Go A Long Way

You see them often on social media – inspirational, humorous, and informational quotes on feeds.  Quotes.  Quality content that is simple to create. These kinds of posts spread positivity to others. Most importantly is a way to be social on social media platforms.  Connecting to your audiences with quotes that resonate with them. They may reflect your company’s values, message, and branding. This is a great way to engage on your business social media platforms!

Here are a few reasons why quotes are worth the effort:

  1. Quotes are easy for people to read
  2. Sayings can create emotional response
  3. Quotes are easy to share – and can be extended to quoting influencers
  4. These kinds of posts are visually appealing and easy to create. Opposed to the perfect photograph – leaving you more time to focus on your business
  5. Quotes are educational and can inform people about your industry or business. By quoting from your blog, a statistic, or something profound in your industry

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