What Does Social Media Listening Mean to Your Business?

You have a company Facebook page and Twitter account.  You may also have an Instagram account.  You are on social media and have garnered a following.  People are out there using it, 2.62 billion (approx.) use social media daily. 86% of people use it every day. You may think that people will talk about your brand by mentioning it or following you, about 96% discuss brands on social media and do not. 

Social media listening is a tool that can help benefit your brand.

What is Social Media Listening Anyway?

Listen to what people are saying about your brand (or keywords that relate to your company) across all social channels.  Social media listening is the tool that allows you to do this.

By listening to how your customers and people interested in your brand interact with you and communicate your services or products – you can harness marketing information that is sourced directly from the audience that you are trying to reach.

How can you start social media listening?

  • Gather and analyze data that would help you isolate keywords that would be helpful for social media listening. 
  • Check out your competitors – identify their keywords. 
  • Track your motto. 
  • Do you use special hashtags to promote your business? 
  • Gather hashtags in your industry and those used most by industry influencers
  • Check for misspellings or abbreviations people may use and track those as well
  • How can social media listening improve my business?
  • Generate leads – learn who is interested in your brand
  • Improve customer service – find out what your customers really think
  • Your products can be tweaked by listening to preferences
  • Create ads that convert highly because you are targeting to the right people
  • Learn what your customers want
  • Industry influencers can be identified, and you could market through them

Most importantly, social media listening helps your company to remain current and sustainable.  You are always aware of your competitors, existing and emerging trends and how people see you as a brand.  It can also help you to monitor your reputation online and respond accordingly to improve your customers experience. 

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